Welcome to the California chapter of the Motorcycle Sport Touring Association (CALMSTA)

California MSTA is a motorcycle Sport-Touring club open to all brands and riders.

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Our emphasis is on responsible, safe, sport-touring -- regardless of the type of bike you own. Responsible means wearing appropriate safety gear, keeping your bike in good running condition, riding courteously around other vehicles, and maintaining reasonable speed (taking into account traffic, weather, road conditions, and especially, rider ability). We may ride briskly at times, but have no illusions about what's appropriate for public roadways versus the track...

We host a variety of rides through the year, including day trips, weekend trips, and participating in national events with our parent MSTA. Our rides typically focus on twisty, fun roads with freeways and major highways simply being a means to get to the good twisty roads. While we typically stop for breaks and perhaps meals, we endeavor to demonstrate a good image and safe riding habits by discouraging consumption of any alcohol while riding (bars are typically NOT our destination).

If you'd like more information about CalMSTA, please see "About CalMSTA". Additional information about MSTA benefits in general can be found in our FAQ section. Joining is as simple as browsing to our membership page and filling out either the online or hard copy membership application form. Additional details and information can be found at our national MSTA website.

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We've got pictures from various rides posted at http://picasaweb.google.com/calif.msta


We've got video from various rides posted at http://www.youtube.com/califmsta